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Is it Important to Keep the Drying Equipment Running All the Time?

During the drying process after a flood, is it important to keep the drying equipment running all the time?

It is crucial to keep flood drying equipment running 24 hours a day to ensure the structural integrity of your home is not compromised after a flood.

Another key thing to remember when drying out your home is to let the water damage restoration professionals do the job with their specialized drying equipment. Do not turn on your household fans, or keep your windows and doors open while the flood drying equipment is running, without first consulting your restoration professional. Doing this will interfere with efforts to dry your home and may prolong restoration. After all, we want to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

At Roto-Rooter, once we set up flood drying equipment, we regularly monitor it to see if adjustments need to be made, and to make sure the moisture and humidity levels inside the structure are being regulated. Because mold growth is a possibility, until the air is back to its natural state. Our drying equipment and air sanitizers are left onsite at your home to complete the water clean-up process. Remember this equipment is built to run continually. The equipment will not overheat or cause safety hazards in your home so please leave it alone.

The specialized flood drying equipment used by us is not like your household fan. It is industrial grade and very powerful. In addition, every water damaged site is different and should be treated as such. Because certain areas of the home are more difficult to dry than others, each job should have a customized drying and monitoring plan to ensure that all areas are dried thoroughly.

Our advanced equipment is removed only when the temperature, humidity and moisture testing confirms that affected areas have been dried to approved standards.