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How Long Will it Take for Mold to Start Growing After a Flood?

We experienced water damage in our home. How long will it take for mold to start growing after a flood?

Mold from water damage is often a concern after a flood. Mold is a type of fungus made up of decomposed organic material such as leaves, wood and plants. In small quantities, it is not usually harmful. However, large amounts of mold can cause serious health concerns for those exposed to it over time. It can also cause health problems in people with respiratory issues and weakened immune systems.

Mold after water damage can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours. It especially thrives in damp, dark environments but can begin to grow just about anywhere after a flood. Here are some steps you can take to prevent mold growth:

  • Remove furniture, carpet and other portable items from the water-damaged area in your home.
  • Get rid of the water. Call a professional water removal service like Roto-Rooter, which can quickly get the proper equipment onsite for water removal, drying and decontamination.
  • You can begin to dry out the affected area with fans and dehumidifiers on your own. But a professional water cleanup/restoration company like Roto-Rooter will bring in drying equipment and air sanitizers to complete the water clean-up process and rid the area of potential bacteria.

During the drying process, be on the lookout for mold. It often shows up in the form of fuzzy green, brown and black spores. Inspect the water-damaged area carefully, looking for visual signs of growth or odd smells that could indicate the presence of mold.

If you do find mold, remove it carefully and in a safe manner. Be sure to get rid of any furniture or other items that have begun to grow mold, and clean your walls and floors with detergent and water. If the mold growth is extensive, have water damage restoration professionals clean it for you.