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How Do I Fix A Small Leak on the Toilet Water Supply Valve?

We recently had a new toilet installed. I noticed a small leak appear from the pipe that sends the water to the toilet. There is a shut off valve and I have turned the water off and tried to fix it myself but I cannot get the pipe loose to see if it needs a new washer or the threads are messed up. Should I leave it alone and have someone come out and fix it?

The first thing to check on the stop valve is the packing nut. Just under the handle is a small nut that tightens the packing against the stem. When turning on the handle often times, the packing will simply begin leaking. A small turn with a wrench will usually stop the leaking if it is coming from the stem attached to the handle which passes through the body of the faucet. The only thing that keeps the water inside the faucet is the packing, which is usually a graphite or compressive material. If this doesn't work, then call a technician.