Water Sensors to Help Detect Plumbing Leaks

We recently bought an older home that has poor plumbing, and we’re concerned about leaky pipes. Can water sensors help detect plumbing leaks?

Plumbing leaks create a host of problems, and when the leak is not found, damage continues to occur. The best solution is to attempt to stop a leak before it becomes an issue.

In hard-to-access areas of plumbing, water sensors can be of great use. Wireless water leak detectors are able to sense a leak and then turn off the water to prevent further damage. The wireless water leak detector sounds an alarm alerting the homeowner that there is a leak in the pipe. This can save hundreds of dollars and headache.

How do water sensors work?

Water leak sensors are cables that contain gold-plated copper every few feet. When two of the metal plates are connected by even a tiny amount of water, they form a current. This sounds an alarm, alerting a plumbing technician of a leak in the pipe.

There are also battery powered water leak sensors that can be placed in leak-prone areas of your home, such as behind toilets, in the laundry room or near the hot water tank. These water leak sensors will alert you to the presence of water before the water has a chance to damage property.

There’s an underground pipe that is leaking and causing an increase in my water bill. Is there a way to determine where the leak is before I dig up my yard?

Yes! Roto-Rooter has specialized water leak detection equipment that allows a service technician to pinpoint the exact location of the plumbing leak and make the necessary water leak repairs. Modern underground water leak detectors are sensitive and accurate and allow the technician to repair your pipe as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our plumbing and drain professionals can help when homeowners experience plumbing related problems and damage inside or outside of the home.