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Why Should I Hire a Master Plumber?

I’ve heard I should hire a master plumber for any work I need done in my home. Is this true? Are there advantages to hiring a master plumber?

It really comes down to the highest level of experience and expertise. A licensed master plumber has a lot of training, extensive experience and advanced skills. So hiring a master plumber, as opposed to an unlicensed plumber, has its advantages.

Becoming a master plumber typically requires a minimum of seven years of experience in addition to passing a licensing exam. Most plumbers learn through on-the-job training or by attending a technical school, and some go through an apprenticeship program. After completing the necessary training, plumbers become journeyman plumbers. Journeyman can then become master plumbers after several more years of experience in the field.

Master plumbers follow all necessary guidelines and regulations. They are familiar with local codes and will make sure that all repairs or installations comply with those codes. You could be taking a risk if you hire a non-licensed handyman or plumber, because if something is done incorrectly or is not up to code, you could have additional repairs in the future. Those repairs can become costly and take more time to complete. An advantage to master plumbers employed by a reputable company is that they will guarantee their work and they are insured, which protects you as a homeowner.

Master plumbers also supervise the job and oversee the work of apprentices and journeymen, and they give approval after the final inspection.

The plumbing inside your home is not something you should take for granted. Make sure you hire a licensed, experienced plumber, like those employed by Roto-Rooter, whether you are in need of a simple repair or a whole new plumbing system.