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What Is an Instant Hot Water Tap?

What is an instant hot water tap?

An instant hot water tap is a faucet that preheats water at 200°F for use within your home. It’s a multipurpose fixture that can serve you in many ways. By just turning a knob or handle, the hot water dispenser provides preheated hot water for immediate use. Having instant hot water allows for quicker meal preparation, as it won’t take nearly as long to boil water for pasta or vegetables. You have instant tea or hot chocolate water, and thawing frozen food has never been easier.

There is an extensive selection of instant hot water dispensers available online. You can choose a unit based on your kitchen’s design and finish. Most models cost $200 to $300, but despite the cost, the time-saving convenience of having hot water on tap is well worth the money for many homeowners.


DIY installation of an instant hot water tap is quick and simple. Read any manufacturer’s instructions before attempting assembly. Pay special attention to the components included in this specific dispenser.

Turn off the water, unpack the faucet and straighten any copper tubing. Then place the faucet over the mounting hole on the sink. Under the mounting hole, attach the mounting plate and tighten the hex nut in order to keep the faucet in place.

Now find a level location under the sink to mount the hot water tank. This location should be accessible to the electrical connections and the water supply line. Mounting the unit is as simple as drilling in the mount and securing the tank. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for making the proper plumbing connections.

Fill the tank by turning on the normal tap water and letting it run through the dispenser. While the water is running, turn on the tank to fill it and then plug in the tank. For the first heating cycle, the faucet may drip. This is normal and should stop after the first cycle.

If any of these instructions sound the least bit complicated, why not save yourself a great deal of aggravation by hiring a licensed and experienced Roto-Rooter plumber? The work will be guaranteed and done right.