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Is It Possible to Drain Sewage on an Uphill Grade?

I want to install new plumbing, including a new drain system for a shower, a toilet and two sinks. It is an uphill grade to the front house that is built on a slab. There is a clean-out on the outside of the house 50 feet away. Is there a way to make it happen?

If you want to install a bathroom in a house and the pitch of the house runs the wrong direction, you can always install a sewage ejector by the bathroom and pump the sewage uphill. A sewage ejector is a small 18-gallon basin that sits below the ground. It has a pump grinder with a float, when the water rises up to the maximum level, the pump turns on and removes the contents by vacuum and forces the products up to the level of the sewer line. The distance the water will travel determines the horsepower of the pump.

But you may be able to drain by gravity, if the sewer line uphill is low enough below the surface of the ground. Everything will need to be determined by an estimator. You will need someone with experience to come out and discuss your plumbing installation questions with you – and review the solutions available.