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Do Economy Settings on Our Appliances Save us Money?

Do economy settings on our appliances save us money?

There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of moving towards an energy efficient lifestyle. But how much money and energy can economy settings on appliances actually save? Economy settings are now a standard on most modern machines, but choosing to use them is a new habit for many people—and some question whether these machines really do reduce electricity usage.

Machines that have economy items are dishwashers, washers and dryers. More appliances than ever before are now marked with the Energy Star approval seal. It’s important to compare products before buying, though, because some models have energy efficient settings without the Energy Star seal, but may be just as capable. When in doubt, check user reviews of the appliances you’re considering.

When you use these settings, you will find a reduction in water consumption, electricity or gas. Less energy and water used equals more savings for you and a contribution to larger conservation efforts.

Unfortunately, sometimes using energy efficient settings will decrease the performance of your appliance. You may find that your dishes aren’t as clean, or your refrigerator might not be as cold. It may not save you time or money if you have to rewash your dishes because they didn’t clean thoroughly.

Choosing energy efficient models is a matter of priorities. If you want high-performance, then these models may not be for you—but if you want to save money on energy and utilities then you might consider these appliance options. If you decide to upgrade your appliances or plumbing, consider calling in a professional to assess any plumbing changes or new fixtures. Roto-Rooter is available 24/7—simply call 800-768-6911.