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Can I Customize My Bathroom for Older Residents?

How can I customize my bathroom for older residents?

Customizing your bathroom with an elder-friendly design doesn’t require remodeling. There are easy ways to create a safe bathroom for older residents that don’t require too much time or money.

Purchasing lever faucets or no-touch faucets can be helpful for older generations, as turning knobs can be difficult. Consider purchasing a removable waterproof chair or install a permanent one in your bathtub for older users who may be unable to stand in the shower. A detachable showerhead allows for showering while sitting down. Raising the height of your toilet as much as three inches can make using the toilet easier and safer for seniors, and can be done by replacing your toilet with a more comfortable model or by simply buying a thicker toilet seat.

Installing rails and grab bars in the shower, bathtub and near the toilet can reduce the risk of a nasty fall. Use no-slip bath and shower mats, as well as a no-slip rug for when an older user is leaving the bath or shower.

A curbless shower or walk-in bathtub make the transition in and out of the shower or bath as easier for older residents. However, these modifications might require the assistance of a plumbing professional, though it is possible to install these items yourself.

Reliable and safe lighting is also important. A strong nightlight and easy-to-reach light switches ensure your bathroom is safer for everyone.