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Plan for an Emergency House Flood from a Plumbing Leak

Is there any way to plan for emergency flooding in my home due to a plumbing leak?

To prepare for a house flood emergency, you should know where all the water shutoff valves are located in your home and how to shut them off. This includes:

The whole-house water shutoff. For a home with a well water system, the shutoff valve is usually located on the house side of the pressure tank. If you have a well system, know how to cut power to the pressure tank as well. For a home that uses a meter, the shutoff is usually located on either side of the water meter. Typically, a quarter turn shuts off the water supply.

The hot water shutoff on your water heater.

The inline shutoffs to the toilets and sinks.

The shutoff valves leading to the dishwasher and clothes washer.

If you have a flood in your house, shutoff the water supply valves to your home and call your local Roto-Rooter plumber for emergency service.

My family and I are going away for a week. Is there any way to help prevent possible flooding while we’re gone?

To prevent water leaks that can cause a flood in your home, there are a few steps you can take. Turn off the water supply valves to your washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker and water heater. If leaving the home vacant during cold temperatures, be sure to set the home’s thermostat no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit and open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to circulate around pipes to keep them from freezing.

What steps can I take in general to keep my home from flooding?

Inspect the water supply hoses to your refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine at least every six months and replace any hoses that appear worn or bulging. Get yearly checkups from a plumber for your water heater. You should also test all water supply shutoff valves once a year to make sure they are working correctly. Install flood alarms in areas that might be prone to flooding or water intrusion. Flood alarms are inexpensive and easy to install, but will sound an alert when water is present.

When you have flooding due to water problems or a sewer backup, call a plumber! Roto-Rooter plumbing and drain professionals can provide assistance when homeowners experience plumbing-related problems inside or outside of the home.