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Will a Plumber Install a New Faucet in My Bathroom?

Plumbers will indeed install a new faucet in your bathroom. In fact, if the plumber was already at your house dealing with a leaky faucet, they may be able to do that replacement the same day. It’s not terribly difficult for a plumber to replace a bathroom faucet, as it’s a very routine job for an experienced professional. The entire process can easily be done in about an hour (one the plumber has the new faucet in hand), and there’s no reason a plumber can’t do the job for you, if you don’t feel comfortable or inclined to replace the bathroom faucet yourself. Keep in mind that a quick job for a plumber might be a long, difficult job for a novice do-it-yourselfer.

The real question is cost. In the interest of saving money, try to find out what sort of faucet you already have. Check online about that make and model. If it’s a model with a known defect, sometimes the manufacturer will offer to replace it for free or at a discount. Other times, manufacturers will offer to send replacement parts at no cost to you or at an extreme discount.

After that, have a conversation with your plumber. Get a quote for how much a replacement faucet would cost, with and without installation. If you’re interested in doing the project yourself, consider the time and skills required for you to do the job yourself. If you’d rather have a plumber to install a new faucet, makes sure to ask them if they’ll require you to purchase a new faucet yourself, as that can often be an unforeseen cost above and beyond the labor to install it. If the plumber picks up the faucet, he’ll likely have to mark-up the faucet, sometimes by as much as 100% to recover his time.

Make sure the plumber has the appropriate licensing and liability insurance before you hire him or her. Or you can call Roto-Rooter at 1-800-768-6911. Our experienced plumbers are experts at repairing or replacing any type of bathroom faucet, and will work with you to determine what sort of faucet is right for you.