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How Can I Save Money With a Thermostatic Shower Faucet?

How can I save money with a thermostatic shower faucet?

A thermostatic shower valve is a system that allows you to set the temperature for your shower ahead of time. Thermostatic shower faucets and valves also allow you to save on your water-heating bill, but that’s not all they can do.

>The thermostatic mixer has several benefits. You won’t have to worry about the temperature fluctuating if someone flushes the toilet while you’re showering. The valve immediately stops the flow of hot water if the cold water fails and will shut off cold water if the hot water supply fails. Thus, a thermostatic shower faucet prevents injury due to scalding hot water and thermal shock caused by extreme water temperatures.

The ability to set your shower temperature ahead of time is beneficial for two reasons. First, it’s incredibly convenient to be able to get into the shower without fiddling with the knobs. Second, presetting the shower’s temperature means that you can set your shower’s temperature to meet your utility needs. A thermostatic shower faucet only draws on hot and cold water as needed to meet the set temperature, no more or less. This can result in yearly savings. Thermostatic systems are attractive options for facilities with lots of showers and high water usage.

As with any new system, however, there are drawbacks to thermostatic mixers. Though their cost has decreased over the years, you should still expect to pay more for a thermostatic valve then a pressure-balanced valve, especially if you spring for the volume control feature. Yet, while initial costs are higher, the money you save on your water-heating bill should be worth it in the long run.