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What Should We Do If Our Drains and Toilets Drain Slow?

We've not had any sort of septic tank maintenance work done. We have noticed that some drains and toilets don't always flush or drain quickly. What should we do?

Septic systems should be pumped every three to four years. Pumping prevents damage to the drain field from sewage and fats. Fats are insoluble, which means they do not stay in the water. When they get into the ground, they form a barrier around the drain field pipes and prevent them from leaching water into the soil. Once this happens, the drain field has to be replaced – often at a huge expense.

If you are starting to get backups, you may want to schedule a maintenance appointment – and have a professional evaluate your system. This may include a basic visual inspection or it could mean that they’ll run a camera through to make sure there are no roots in the line between the house and the septic tank. This will help your technician identify any septic tank problems and determine if there are blockages in the main vent.