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Halloween Can Be Tough on Your Plumbing | Roto-Rooter Boston

Roto-Rooter pumpkinYou wouldn’t think Halloween and your plumbing system would have anything in common. But if you ask a plumber, you’ll learn that pumpkin carving for Halloween are responsible for a great number of drain clogs. Many homeowners like to carve their pumpkins, then push all of the sticky pulp and seeds down into the garbage disposal.

Anyone who has carved a pumpkin before knows how slimy pumpkin guts are. But what you may not know is what happens to the goop when it’s allowed to harden and dry. It has a glue-like quality and will stick to any surface and dries as hard as fiberglass. It has to be scraped off of whatever it’s stuck to, so you can imagine what happens to a garbage disposal and sink drain full of the stuff.  The only cure is a Roto-Rooter machine, which “twists and turns and shaves lines clean.”

Roto-Rooter's video library has plenty of tips and fun videos for the Halloween season.

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