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3 Must-Haves in a New Washing Machine | Roto-Rooter Boston

Washing machineWhen summer was in full swing you were likely hitting the beach, going to the park or doing other outdoor activities. The hot days here often lead to a lot of sunscreen, sand, sweat and, of course, washing clothes. If you have an older washer, one that's barely functioning or are just looking for better features, there are three must-haves that you should look for in a new washing machine:

1. Noise-reducers

In many homes, washers are relegated to the basement or to a laundry room that has a door. The whirring noises and the thunking sounds of agitators and spin cycles often disturb residents. However, many new washers are now much quieter, and some are on the verge of being nearly silent. Stabilization technology reduces vibration and noise generated by washers. For some models, stainless steel balls are set to spin in the opposite direction to balance the washer's motion. This makes it much easier to wash clothes while you're home, as well as washing overnight or while the kids are sleeping.

2. Capacity

When living on your own, the washer doesn't have to hold much. However, if you move in with someone or are part of a growing family, the capacity of your machine takes on a much higher importance. Front-load washers can handle up to 28-pound loads, making them perfect for families. High-efficiency top-loaders and front-loaders can take up to 24-pound loads, or about 13 pairs of jeans. By having this capacity, you'll be able to consolidate the number of loads washed per week, saving on time, water and overall cost. However, if you're limited on laundry room space, the washer's dimensions may play into what model you choose. You may also want to explore if stackable washer and dryer units are an option for these types of environments.

3. Sensors

Although you may not want to go all-in for a smart washer, there are some sensor-based features that could benefit your machine. Automatic load sensing, dispensers and temperature control could help you save money, water and energy. These capabilities ensure that the right amounts of detergent, bleach and softener are released at the appropriate time. The water level is also automatically adjusted to the amount of clothes you have in there, so you no longer have to guess if something should be a medium or a large load. These types of washers may also be more environmentally friendly than conventional machines because they can tailor resources to fit the load. Some may even have steam capabilities to reduce wrinkles and remove stains.

Washing machines are a critical part of keeping people's clothes clean long after the days at the beach and out in the sun. These features are all must-haves for any homeowner looking for a new washer, but there are a slew of other capabilities that are available. With the help of your local Boston Roto-Rooter expert plumber, you can easily install your new washer, or possibly even move it to a new location in the house.

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