Worst Times to Need Water Heater Repair

Worst Times to Need Water Heater Repair

Some things in life just have a hard time understanding that there are convenient and inconvenient times for them to happen. For example, water heater repair during the Christmas holidays is terribly inconvenient. Below is a list of times when it is inconvenient for the water heater or anything else to go out and cause a need for a repair.

  1. The Christmas Holiday season – This has already been mentioned but it truly is among the most inconvenient.
  2. Any Sunday – Most plumbers have at least some crew on every day except for Sundays. This makes this day the most inconvenient day of the week for problems.
  3. Late at night – It never fails that all of the problems happen after everything is closed and the same is true for water heaters. It is a strange phenomenon that I cannot explain, but everyone understands because it happens to them like it happens to me.
  4. While you are on vacation - Why the water heater must decide to go out while you are vacation is a mystery to us all, but this is something that happens more than anyone would like to admit.
  5. When money is tight – It is uncanny how emergencies, like a broken water heater, do not happen when you have savings put away for that, but rather they always come when money is the tightest it can be and often to the point of where you are living beyond your means to make ends meet.  This is truly an inconvenient time for the water heater to go down.
  6. While you have guests in town – You can mark it on the calendar and plan on it. If you have invited some guest over to your home to spend a night or two, you will certainly have some type of house emergency and often that is the water heater.
  7. Winter time in general – While this is a bit broad and is far more likely to happen to many more people, it does not make it any less inconvenient. The fact is it is colder in the winter and that makes it tougher to do anything.

 There really are times in life each when things like water heater repair would be just fine. However, it is up to your water heater to cooperate with your plans, but I do not know of many water heaters that will actually cooperate.

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