Why Roto-Rooter Chooses Copper Pipes

Why Roto-Rooter Chooses Copper Pipes

There are few materials that have been as tried and tested as much as copper. For this reason, it is a no brainer when it comes to commercial and residential plumbing solutions that copper pipes will be involved. Roto-Rooter is dedicated to quality on every level and that includes the products and materials we use to render our services for clients. Our technicians are trained and certified to not only perform repairs, but to instinctively react to the needs of customers and provide the best solutions available. For all those unfamiliar with the benefits of using copper in plumbing applications, consider the following: 

  • Copper is a natural resource that is easy to obtain: This makes it affordable and advantageous to use in applications that require a lot of metal. Especially in plumbing installations, a lot of copper can be used without breaking the bank.
  • It is strong: Copper is known for its strength and resistance to the elements. Whether it comes to maintaining its shape or simply keeping everything out, it performs beautifully. It is bacteriostatic, heat resistant, and impermeable to foreign fluids making it a durable and reliable metal that is clean and resistant to damage.
  • Copper does not break down or weaken over time: In fact, if old copper fittings or pipes are swapped out for new ones in the future, the old pieces are melted down and made into brand new materials, which have no loss of quality or strength at all.
  • Since copper can be easily made new again, it is the ultimate recyclable material: While other materials like paper, rubber, and motor oil experience some level of degradation from use, this natural resource can be used an infinite number of times, making it possible for you to utilize it without affecting the environment.
  • Copper is shapeable: While it is very strong and durable, plumbers can easily shape copper pipes into whatever bend or angle needed without weakening the line. Whether onsite or off, building a plumbing system is a lot easier when using copper.
  • Copper is sets the bar: For thousands of years, civilizations have relied on the strengths and benefits that it has to offer. Recently, scientific research has proven what time has already taught us about copper: that it is the best to use for plumbing, gas, and cooling applications.

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