Water Heater Repair Tips from Roto-Rooter

Water Heater Repair Tips from Roto-Rooter

Is your water heater experiencing problems? Have you noticed a significant drop in water pressure? When you need hot water, are you often left with cold water instead? As a water heater ages, it can get bogged down quickly with the amount of heating and cooling it goes through. This creates a lot of opportunity for various components to fail, leading to frustrating water damage and other issues with Sacramento water heater leaking. For experienced homeowners who are used to performing their own repairs, it can be quite tempting to tackle a water heater repair without first taking the proper precautions beforehand. It is important to keep in mind that the gas line and electrical components can be quite dangerous and can lead to a possible fire or explosion if you do not handle them correctly. With that in mind, consult your local Roto-Rooter service provider to find out what products and services will help resolve the situation the best.

While the average water heater only lasts eight to eleven years, proper maintenance and repair performed on a regular basis not only boosts life by a few more years, and also minimizes performance issues along the way. Whether or not you decide to perform your own repairs, make sure to arrange plans for them every six months to a year starting with the following steps:

1.  First, it is vital to locate any areas that are the source of leakage.

2.  Second, start at the base of where the water line connects and work backwards until you find the water valve cut-off switch. Turn it to the off position firmly, so that it cuts off water flow to the tank.

3.  Third, check out the base of the water heater. Do you notice any water damage or pooling water? If water is collecting here, it means that there is a structural problem causing the tank encasement to fail. To solve this problem, relieve the stress on the tank caused by pressure.

4.  Open the pressure valve to relieve pressure. Put a bucket underneath its overflow pipe to collect the escaping hot water. Make sure to avoid direct contact until the water cools.

5.  Shut off the gas line and make sure that the circuit breaker leading to the water heater is completely shut off as well. Any sparks flying with a gas leak will result in a fire, or worse, an explosion.

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