Water Heater Repair Tips and Tricks from Roto-Rooter

Water Heater Repair Tips and Tricks from Roto-Rooter

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a hot bath or shower to calm your sore muscles. Do you ever think about how that water is getting to you? It is pretty incredible the technology that we enjoy in this modern age. Houses even 50-60 years ago went without most of the fancy electronics, appliances, and services that we blindly take for granted. Plumbing is one of those things that makes our lives so much easier. In generations past, getting a water source and having water on hand took a lot of sweat and work to make happen. Today, you twist a faucet and boom, the water is in your cup. However, with any technology or service of any kind, the benefits come with responsibilities. With water heater repair in Indianapolis on the rise, we thought it would be a good idea to educate as many people as possible about proper water heater care to help units last longer. Take these Roto-Rooter water tips and advice with you before you go.

  • Water heaters work all day, every day. These units are always warming up a big tank of water, even when you are not around so that there will be plenty of hot water to go around with all the showers, laundry, and dishes to be done. Over time, a system can get bogged down and eventually the heating unit will fail. To prevent these failures from happening, it is important to have yearly or bi-annual inspections done by a professional who can see the problem as they are forming in early stages and perform the needed maintenance to prevent them from developing. If you do this, your unit will last much longer.
  • Water heaters are easily affected by hard water. If you want your water heater to last as long as possible, make sure that your water softener is always working properly. Keep it full of salt and running properly, and your heating unit will thank you for it. You have probably already seen water hard water does to plumbing in showers and faucets that are clogged and stained with calcium deposits. This calcium build-up does a number on the inner-workings of a water heater and will quickly break it.
  • Water heaters are expensive to run. In the event that you do have to replace it, consider tank-less heating as your next purchase. They only heat on demand and save a lot of energy. Your monthly energy costs will be a whole lot lower from now on with one of these.

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