Water Heater Repair: Efficiency and Safety

Water Heater Repair: Efficiency and Safety

Roto Rooter is the king of water heater repair in Baltimore and countless other cities all over the world. Since 1935, we have been the leader in water heater and general plumbing repair. Did you know that on average water heaters only last about 11 years? With such an expensive piece of equipment in your home, why not help it last longer with a little TLC. While some water heaters are gas, others are electric. Some have tanks, others do not. With the varying models to choose from, make your next water heater replacement an energy efficient one. Cut down on energy costs every month and make your new water heater last 20-25 years.

Energy Efficiency

 Tankless water heaters are far more energy efficient than the traditional electric or gas powered tanks that you find in most homes today. Tank water heater keeps a large supply of water heated at all times, even when it is not being used. Keeping water heated all day long means that energy is being used to keep water at a temperature so that it is ready the moment you turn the faucet on. Newer technology allows for tank less water heaters. They heat water instantly and only do it when the water is turned on. This incredible technology is available in an array of models from many different models. You can either buy a replacement from Roto-Rooter, or hire us to install anything you buy elsewhere.

Life Span

 Water heaters eventually die because of hard water residue. It can damage components inside and eventually leave the water heater unusable. It is important to have a water softener installed in the water line before it reached the heater. Making sure that only soft water runs through your water heater can add quite a bit of time to its overall life. Instead of the average 11 years, you can easily add 5-10 more years of use.


 Everyone likes water to be nice and hot for showers, baths, and washing. Problem is that many water heaters, especially older models, can get water extremely hot. The danger of leaving the max heating temperature of your water heater too high is the possibility of scalding. Burns from hot water are not uncommon and they happen when you least expect them. Make your max temperature a reasonable and protect yourself and your family from injury from water burns.

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