Water Heater Plumbing Repair from Roto-Rooter

Water Heater Plumbing Repair from Roto-Rooter

DIY projects around the house help build value in a property. Along with the added equity, you obtain skills that you would not have otherwise learned any other way. Not only is your house improving, you are, too! When something breaks down or needs repair is usually when knowing a skill comes in handy the most, but most of the time, it is in these situations that we are forced to put forth the effort to learn a new skill in the moment with the resources most available. Luckily for you, Roto-Rooter is here to not only respond to plumbing emergencies, we have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and great products to help you find a satisfactory solution to your problem. While plumbing repair in Winnipeg may vary slightly from a city in another region, most places have similar problems and fixes in common.

For example, water heater repair is the same across the board except for differentiation between models and water heater types. No matter what type of water heater you have though, there is an easy way to get to the bottom of the issue and perform a quick repair. You will know when you need to check out your water heater because you will all of a sudden not have any hot water. When this happens, make sure that your water softener is functioning correctly. Hard water is extremely erosive and leaves behind calcium. Between the erosion and the calcium, a water heater can get bogged down and clogged up quickly. Whether you buy a kit or have a technician from Roto-Rooter do the job, you need to thoroughly clean the water heater inside and out. Most problems and failures will be resolved with that simple step.

If your water heater continues to have troubles, double check to make sure the pilot light is lit. If for some reason it has gone out, you want to make sure that you are not in danger of inhaling fumes from a gas leak. These leaks are extremely dangerous because if too many fumes are inhaled, it can quickly suffocate a person. Aside from suffocation, explosion is also another very possible danger. After turning off the gas completely and waiting an hour or so for the fumes to clear, turn it back on and quickly try and light the pilot light again.

If for some reason your pilot light is still not working and you need more information about plumbing repair in Winnipeg, give Roto-Rooter a call today!

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