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Tips for Conserving Water in Your Kitchen

Conserving water is always important, especially in the midst of a drought. 

Don't let the water run

When you're washing dishes, you likely let the water run for a while to heat up. Most people prefer to wash their dishes in hot water because it melts grease and loosens up the bits of oatmeal stuck to the side of the bowl. But watching the cold water run down the drain is a waste.

Instead of discarding the cold water, consider capturing it to perform other tasks. Set it aside for later when you need water to boil pasta, or put it directly into your water pitcher. Save Water America noted that this will also reduce the time you let the tap run when you're thirsty for a cold glass of water.

If you find yourself waiting for long periods of time for the water to get warm, you may want to invest in a recirculating pump. These handy devices can be easily installed by your local plumber and are located under your kitchen sink, and there are two different types. One will push any cold water back to the water heater, and will only dispense water at the proper temperature. That means that the cold water never even leaves the tap. The second type will always have hot water at the ready.

Double duty

You already know that water has many uses. But have you considered using the same water for multiple uses? Once you're done washing the dishes, you probably don't want to use it to cook dinner, but you can certainly use it as an alternative to highly toxic insecticides by creating an insecticidal soap spray.

Making one-pot meals will cut down on the number of dishes you need to wash after dinner. Plus, you can boil multiple things together to save water, rather than using multiple pots and excess water to prepare your dinner. For instance, if you are making a pasta primavera, begin with the amount of water you need for the noodles. Then add the vegetables and strain them together. Just be sure to capture that water for later use – you can soak dishes in it or use it to water your lawn.

Conserving water is just the beginning of making your kitchen the best room in your home. Check out some more of our tips to keep your kitchen spick and span and smelling good.