Trouble With your Plumbing? Call Roto-Rooter!

Trouble With your Plumbing? Call Roto-Rooter!

Are you having some trouble with your plumbing? The responsibilities of home ownership get a bit frustrating at times. Clogged drains, broken pipes, and toilets that regularly overflow can wreck your day. Rather than trying to fix everything on your own, just call Roto-Rooter. We are on call twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year and will come when you need us to solve your plumbing problems. And Roto-Rooter of Minneapolis never charges a higher rate for nights, weekends or holidays. You’ll pay the same rate any time of day or night.

Frozen Pipes

Do you know what happens when a pipe freezes? Now is the time to get ready for cold weather – don’t wait until cold weather arrives! When water inside the pipes freeze, air trapped inside expands and bursts out the pipe wall. Once the water thaws, it leaks out of the cracks. If this happens, the very first step you must take is to stop the water. Find you water-main shut off valve and turn it off. Show your family members how to do this as well, in case something happens when you are gone. The quicker you stop the flow of water, the less there will be to clean up.

Clean Up

If you are having plumbing issues and there is water standing on your carpets,

call Roto-Rooter immediately and then go to work with your wet vacuum and start pulling that water out of the rug. You’ll have to replace your pad, but if you get the carpet itself dried out quickly enough (before mold and mildew sets in) you may be able to save it. When you’ve gotten all the water out, turn up the heat in the room and place industrial fans around to blow on the carpet and get it dried.

Black Mold

Check to see if any of your walls are wet. Also, check around the light fixtures in the ceiling. If any of your sheetrock has been water damaged, mold may grow there and then the sheetrock will have to be replaced. When breathed in, black mold spores cause a mucous build-up in your lungs that wreaks havoc on your circulatory system. Anyone suffering with breathing problems caused by the black mold will need immediate medical attention if they don’t want it to become life threatening. They may also need to stay somewhere else while the cleanup is conducted. If you find you have black mold, call in a professional cleaning crew that is experienced in getting rid of it the proper way. Simply washing the area with bleach will not be adequate. An ozone machine will help to rid the home of the spores.

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