Top Seven Scariest Things Found When Doing a Sump Pump Installation

Top Seven Scariest Things Found When Doing a Sump Pump Installation

Roto-Rooter has done quite  a few sump pump installations over the years and occasionally when we dig a hole in the basement for the sump pump we find some pretty scary things. Here is a list of the scariest things that we may or may not have actually found while doing this kind of work. 

  1. We once found some human remains when digging the hole for a sump pump. We are pretty sure it was the guy who was wheeling the concrete in by wheelbarrow. We figure he tripped, dumped the concrete on himself and then got poured over.
  2. A large snake – This is something that scares our technicians every time.
  3. The portal to the hole that goes all the way to China – We were always worried that our employees would one day find this and fall in all the way to China.
  4. A fire breathing dragon – We are just lucky that the water put out the flame of that fire breathing dragon because we could have lost an employee.
  5. A Halloween Mask – It almost scared our employee to death because it was one of those very scary looking Freddy Krueger ones.
  6. Santa Claus – Okay, we didn’t really find him under the basement floor, but we did find a guy that was all red. Wait, could that have been the devil? Now I am nervous.
  7. A Giant Shark – The customer may have waited a little too long to call us on this one. We had to be careful to make sure we did not get our hands bitten off while doing the sump pump installation.

As you may have guessed, none of that was real. However, there are some scary basements that we find ourselves in from time to time to install a sump pump. We want to make sure that you get the service you want and that we leave your home and possessions in better shape than when we got there.

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