Tips on Doing Your Own Toilet Repair

Tips on Doing Your Own Toilet Repair

Are you having problems with your toilet? Does it back-up way too often? Perhaps there’s something stuck in the trap. Professional plumbers experienced in toilet repair  have seen numerous objects stuck in toilets. When an object is lodged in the toilet trap, water tends to back up almost appearing to overflow and then may slowly drain down. With a complete clog, the water will simply back-up and spill out over the toilet bowl, causing a flood in your bathroom.

What can you do when you have an object lodged in your toilet? The simple answer is to contact one of our experienced Roto-Rooter technicians who will remove the object. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can remove the object yourself. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Toilet Clogs—Plunge or Snake?

For doing a minor toilet repair, like a toilet paper clog, use the toilet plunger. The pressure the plunger forces into the toilet trap will usually clear a paper clog. However, if that does not work, a snake may be the answer.  It is possible that you will be able to drive the object into the sewer system.

A snake is a flexible rod with a claw-like feature attached to one end. Put the end of the snake into the toilet and push it down the hole until it bumps into the clog. Attach the handle and slowly rotate the snake as you push it further into the hole. The snake claw will tear through the clog and send it into the sewer. When you are sure the toilet is clog-free, flush it to make sure there is no water backing up.

Repairing Your Toilet

To remove a toy or other solid object from the toilet trap, turn-off the water supply and drain the toilet tank. Disconnect the water supply tube from the back of the toilet. Remove the toilet tank. Unscrew the nuts from the toilet floor mounts. Pull the toilet up and turn it on its side. Run the pipe snake into the toilet hole from the bottom. This action will push the object out into the toilet bowl, where it can be removed.

Before re-installing the toilet, check the wax seal and replace it if necessary. You can purchase a seal from your local hardware store.

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