Tips for Quality Faucet Repair: Roto Rooter

Tips for Quality Faucet Repair: Roto Rooter

Plumbing runs in and out of millions of homes and businesses all over the worlds. City waterways push water and waste to and from each and every household so that we can enjoy the benefits of having water when and where we need it. In some parts of the world, this luxury is highly sought after and often time’s people live their entire lives without it having to fetch their water in buckets everyday. With such a great system available to us, it is important to take good care of plumbing so that it works correctly. From simple faucet repair to more complicated pipe repair, plumbing maintenance can be done by almost anyone who is willing to get his or her hands dirty. Roto Rooter is excited to share tips and trick for quality plumbing care.

Drippy faucets can be found everywhere. Consider your own house. How many leaky faucets can you count? Hopefully you have it all taken care of, but if you don't, think about the waste that is going on. A leaky faucet lets out water that you are paying for. Over the course of a month, a drippy faucet can waste more that $20 for cold water and whole lot more for warm water (energy costs for heating water). If you have multiple drippy faucets, you can see that your monthly water costs could be greatly reduced. The good news is that while drippy faucets are really common, they are also extremely easy to fix.

If your faucet only leaks for a an hour or so after use, like in a bathtub shower combo for example, then it is a diverter and there is no serious problem. It is only allowing water through from the showerhead down to the bathtub faucet. If, however, the leak is constant, then most likely the washer inside of the faucet is out of place. Simply putting the washer back snug against the seat will seal off any further water seepage and fix the leak.

When you take apart the faucet, take a look at the washer to make sure that it fits perfectly. If it has corrosion or warped features, you will need to buy a replacement. Make sure that the replacement washer is exactly like the original, otherwise you will still have a leaky faucet. Take your faucet head into Roto Rooter or a local hardware store to get help finding a washer that fits perfectly. We can help you successfully complete your faucet repair.

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