Three Shower Surprises You Could Do Without

Three Shower Surprises You Could Do Without

When you’re taking a shower the last thing you want is a surprise. It’s actually difficult to come up with a single positive surprise that could happen in a shower. Showers are supposed to be a time to clean, rejuvenate, and relax, so when something goes suddenly and horribly wrong it isn’t unusual to react with frustration.. The most common unwanted surprises that occur during a shower are pretty annoying, but there are ways to prevent any of them.

The Hot Splash

One of the most common and painful shower interruptions is a sudden splash of scalding hot water, usually caused by a toilet flushing or other cold water use. Usually, a shower balances hot and cold water to maintain a warm temperature that is comfortable, but because the shower shares a cold water line with other fixtures, when cold water is needed elsewhere the shower’s water pressure is affected, and the water gets too hot. To prevent this unfortunate surprise from happening to you, you may choose to install a pressure-balanced shower valve or thermostatic valve to keep the temperature comfortable. Roto-Rooter in Pasadena can install either for you.

The Ice Age

If you live with others and you’re the last to shower, you may run out of hot water, which leaves only icy cold water to penetrate to your bones. It is almost impossible to function in a freezing cold shower, so the few minutes it takes to wash your hair can seem like an eternity. When a shower suddenly goes cold, it usually means that your water heater’s tank has been depleted. To prevent this water shortage you can choose to either replace your water heater with one with a larger tank or install a demand system. Another option is to spread out hot water usage throughout the day, so dishwashers and other appliances aren’t using up hot water that will be needed for morning showers.

Fruit Fly Infestation

While it may not derail your entire shower, the appearance of fruit flies in the shower or bathroom can certainly be off-putting. These fruit fly problems usually occur in bathrooms when a plumbing fixture with a drain isn’t used for a long period of time, like a bath tub but you in the spare bathroom. Beneath the drain is a trap, where a bit of water is stored to prevent odors and other undesirables from coming up through the drain. If the drain isn’t used, the water in the trap will evaporate, and fruit flies can make their way up. If you see fruit flies, just pour a few gallons of water down your drain every so often, and the problem will be solved.


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