Three Kitchen Questions a Plumber is Often Asked

Three Kitchen Questions a Plumber is Often Asked

Many questions a plumber in Houston is frequently asked center around properly maintaining and fixing plumbing functionality in our kitchens. Below are several different FAQ to help you.

Why is my garbage disposal stuck?

Pushing too much food down the disposal all at once can cause it to jam. To prevent your disposal from jamming, remember the following tips:

  • Turn on the cold water for three to five seconds before you put any food into the disposal.
  • Turn on the disposal first and then push the scraps of food into it.
  • Wait until it sounds like all the food has been washed down the drain before turning off the appliance.
  • Leave the water running for five to ten seconds longer to finish washing away food particles.

What kinds of food should I avoid running through my disposal?

Disposals were meant to handle bits and scraps of food, not large, fibrous amounts. It is best to avoid the following:

  • Eggshells: They often just end up clogging your plumbing lines.
  • Rice, pasta, potato peelings or starchy foods: These foods swell with water and effectively block your pipes.
  • Fibrous materials like celery, corn husks, pumpkin pulp and grape stems: They don't grind up well and can cause a clog.
  • Hard objects like popcorn seeds, glass, plastic and metal: These items will not break down in the disposal.

If my disposal is jammed, can I fix it myself?

Oftentimes, yes. A disposal motor will automatically turn off when the blades get jammed to prevent the motor from overheating. It is fairly easy to release the blades. Simply complete the following steps:

  • Unplug the electric power from the appliance.
  • Insert an Allen key into the hex-shaped notch on the bottom center of the disposal.
  • Turn the Allen key back and forth until the blades spin freely.
  • Plug in the disposal and press the reset button.

You might need to repeat these steps a couple of times to clear the jam.

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