Three Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Trends

Three Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Trends

Bathroom and kitchen décor may not seem to have much in common with the world of fashion, but both experience trends. In fashion, it is clothing and accessories that go in and out of fashion, but when it comes to bathroom and kitchen décor, the trending items are often types of plumbing fixtures. You don’t always have to follow the trends, but sometimes it is helpful to know what others are doing when you’re making difficult remodeling decisions. There are a few trends in plumbing that have stood out over the past few years, and any plumber in Toronto, will be very familiar with them.

Efficient Fixtures

The trend of efficiency is one that has gradually gained steam and doesn’t look like it will drop off any time in the near future. LED lights, which are much more efficient than standard light bulbs, are becoming increasingly popular around kitchens and bathrooms, but the biggest impact plumbers can make is by installing more water-efficient plumbing fixtures. Newer, more efficient toilets can use as little as one gallon per flush, and shower heads can save a few gallons per minute. Saving water not only helps out your community, but also saves you money.

Pull-Out Faucets

When it comes to kitchen sink faucets, pull-out faucets are the easy favorite. In the past, some faucets had a separate sprayer that could be detached from the sink and used for more power and flexibility when washing dishes. Pull-out faucets incorporate the functionality of these separate sprayers into the main faucet itself. Whether it’s the functionality or the look of pull-out faucets, they are by far the most popular choice.

Vessel Sinks

Most sinks are recessed, but vessel sinks are growing in popularity. Vessel sinks sit atop a counter instead of being placed within a hole. This type of sink saves counter space and is easy to install, but is usually chosen for its eye appeal. Recessed sinks are still more common, but vessel sinks are still growing in popularity, especially in bathrooms and washrooms.

Trends and Fads

When making choices about a bathroom or kitchen remodel, looking at trends can be helpful, but avoid fads. Fads are specific styles that are only popular for a short time, whereas trends can give you an idea of how styles are changing, and what they might be in the future. As long as you make décor decisions based primarily on your own preferences, and only look at the trends for minor assistance, you should be left with a space you’ll enjoy for years.

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