The Top 5 Jobs Plumbers Would Never Leave the Industry to Take

The Top 5 Jobs Plumbers Would Never Leave the Industry to Take

Have you ever thought about your job and career and how much you like or dislike it? Chances are, you have thought about this at one time or another. However, no matter how much you like or dislike your job, have you ever thought about another job that you saw someone doing and thought there is no way you would ever do that? You may have even thought that there was not enough money in the world to cause you to do some of those jobs. So, keeping that idea in mind, here is a short list of jobs that nearly all plumbers would agree they would not take for any amount of money.

  1. Anything Office Related – Most plumbers are in this career for a reason and one of the main reasons is they cannot stand the idea of sitting behind a desk all day long. They would much rather work with their hands making or fixing something than typing on the computer.
  2. Customer Service representative – There are those in the plumbing industry that are in customer service and they love it, but the plumbers themselves do not like working with customers in general. They just want to get the work done and move on. They would rather not be responsible for the communication with the customer.
  3. A psychiatrist – The last thing that a plumber is going to want to do is work out someone else’s mental issues. In fact, some plumbers will tell you that there are those in the industry that have mental issues and they are not pleased at the idea of needing to work with these people as it is. For these men, being a shrink is never going to happen nor do they ever wish that upon their worst enemy.
  4. A parking attendant – While this is not as bad as a desk job, it is still too slow paced for them and not enough hands on.
  5. A receptionist – This is just not what they would like at all. This is a combination of a desk job and customer service. This is definitely a bad combination for any plumber.

Plumbers are not prejudice against anyone in these careers and they do not look down on them in anyway. In fact, they are on the opposite end of the spectrum because they have a tremendous amount of respect for them and what they are able to do day in and day out.

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