The Secret Behind Avoiding Plumbing Problems

The Secret Behind Avoiding Plumbing Problems

No homeowner likes to deal with plumbing problems, yet those problems tend to come whether you like it or not. However, with a little extra care and a few tips, you can avoid plumbing problems and the need to call for a plumber to make the repair.  We have been fixing plumbing problems in Tucson for decades now and we have seen it all. If you want to know how to avoid having to call us to your home, try out these tips to keep the problems at bay.

  1. Regularly use an over the counter drain maintenance product to clean the drains before they back up. No one ever said that you had to wait for a clog to use a drain cleaner. We recommend a biological-based product like Roto-Rooter Pipe Shield rather than the harsh lye-based products that can harm your pipes.
  2. Send a lemon wedge down your kitchen sink drain into the garbage disposal once a month. This will keep it fresh as well as take the citric acid from it and keep the garbage disposal clean and working well.  Toss in a few ice cube with it for a more thorough cleaning.
  3. Maintain the area around the water heater. Make sure it is clean and not cluttered around it. Be sure there aren’t any paint cans around that might combust.
  4. Use CLR, vinegar or some other cleaner to clean calcium deposits around the spouts on your faucets and shower heads. This will keep any buildup from clogging things up.
  5. If neighbors on your street begin to have sewer main trouble, address the issue of your own sewer by looking into options to help you solve the issue before it becomes an emergency problem. This will save a lot of time and money.
  6. Keep toilet lids down and plugs in sinks. This will prevent really young kids from accidentally sending something down the toilet or drain that would cause an issue.
  7. Clean out P traps under sinks annually. This is not a pleasant thing to do, but it is very helpful in preventing plumbing problems in Tucson

Hopefully these tips are helpful to you. We have seen them successfully implemented on homes. Making these commitments costs some of your time, but it is better than calling a plumber in an emergency.

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