The Industry Standard Material: Copper Pipes

The Industry Standard Material: Copper Pipes

The materials that your local Roto-Rooter technician uses are industry standard, tried and tested, and used over and over again to provide reliable solutions to commercial and residential plumbing needs. Whether you are a business owner building your own establishment or a homeowner simply needing a system overhaul, we have the services and solutions to help you. Did you know that the very best material to use for a plumbing system is copper pipes? If you were not aware of this, take a look at the following guide to copper and see if you learn something new!

  • Copper is cheap: First and foremost, this metal is very affordable, making it extremely accessible to most incomes across the globe. While it is inexpensive, it is extremely durable and comes with a long list of attributes that puts it ahead of the pack by a long shot.
  • Copper is resistant: If there were ever a metal resistant to almost anything, copper would be it. Impermeable, bacteriostatic, and completely resistant to degradation from extreme temperatures. Copper plumbing is very clean, durable, and lasts a very long time.
  • Copper is bendable: While resistant, it is also extremely flexible. Being able to easily shape a pipe gives plumbers the perfect material to provide clients with solutions that can be relied on for many years.
  • Copper is environmentally friendly: Because copper is resistant to damage, it can be recycled very easily. If a line ever needs to be swapped out with a new one, the old pipe can be melted down and shaped into a new one without experiencing any loss of quality or strength. Copper is the standard for excellence: Copper has a long history stretching back millennia into ancient civilizations that utilized the natural resource for sculpting, armor, and large drinking vessels. Since that time, people have returned to it again and again. Because it is so inexpensive today, it is the industry standard internationally.

Now that you understand why copper pipes are the very best, you can feel comfortable with the installation choices of your plumbing technician. For more information regarding products and services available in your area, call Roto-Rooter today to speak with a friendly representative. With the investment made into your new plumbing system, not only will you get years of use out of it, but it will also increase the value of your home.

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