St. Louis Plumbers at Roto-Rooter got it done

St. Louis Plumbers at Roto-Rooter got it done

Roto-Rooter's St. Louis plumbers are experts in all types of plumbing, not just drain cleaning. One thing Roto-Rooter is  known for is persistence. Often, when another plumber has tried and given up on something, an experienced St. Louis plumber from Roto-Rooter is able to solve the problem, as this customer pointed out in a line from her letter:

"Tim and Carl were friendly and were able to clear the clog and find our clean-out after a different plumber couldn't."

The clean-out is a port that allows a sewer cleaning service technician access to your main sewer pipe so he can feed his drain cleaning cable into the pipe and clear a clog. In homes without basements (see photo), the clean-out port is usually located in the yard between the house and the street. If grass and dirt have covered the lid, they can be a challenge to locate but no other St. Louis plumbing company has more experience in this area than Roto-Rooter.

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Happy Roto Rooter Customer

October 22nd, 2009 by Roto Rooter Bloggers

We received a great compliment from a new customer recently. He was very pleased when he called Roto-Rooter on Saturday and a St. Louis Plumber from our office responded immediately. Here’s the testimonial he sent in:
"I called several St. Louis plumbing companies on Saturday only to discover that most aren’t open on weekends or they just have an 
answering machine or a service taking calls. I didn’t have time to wait a couple of hours for someone to call me back. We made an emergency call to Roto-Rooter and a real person answered the phone, listened to me explain our problem then dispatched a well qualified St. Louis plumber. 

Glen from Roto-Rooter responded within the hour, and shortly thereafter our plumbing and drain problems were resolved! Glen knew his stuff and handled the kitchen plumbing job within twenty minutes before going to work on our sewer repair. It was clogged with roots and debris and nothing was draining properly. Everything works great now though! We really appreciate the prompt response and very professional job by Glen. We will highly recommend Glen and Roto-Rooter."  

- Jim R.
St. Louis, MO

That’s the kind of letter that makes our day at Roto-Rooter. I’ve said it before, Roto-Rooter is the "911 of the plumbing world." Emergency service is our specialty and there’s not extra charge if we come out at night, weekends or holidays.

John Marhanka
Roto-Rooter of St. Louis

Best plumber in Madison County Illinois

October 22nd, 2009 by Roto Rooter Bloggers

Roto-Rooter is proud to announce that we were recently voted Best Plumber in Madison County, Illinois. This was a vote through The Alton Telegraph and will be published in the October 24, 2009 edition.

Our service technicians and Alton plumbers serving all of Madison County, take pride not only in in their skill but the customer service they provide. Roto-Rooter is the East St. Louis plumbing company to call for the entire region. This is yet another example of our customers demonstrating the appreciation they have for what we do. If you need an East St. Louis plumber or in any of the surrounding communities, you ought to call Roto-Rooter.

Rick Maloney
General Manager

We’ll Fix Any Leak…

February 6th, 2009 by Ray Lee Master Plumbers

I wanted to share feedback from a customer who sees our billboard every day on their route home from work. It’s one of my favorite of our plumbing repair billboards.

You have a billboard that I pass everyday. So that is what made us contact you. We had service in early January for a sewer cleaning and replacement. The three St. Louis plumbers that came out were absolutely fabulous. They were so kind and efficient. They let us watch and let us know what they were doing as the day proceeded. We even saw the video after they cleared those nasty tree roots and replaced the pipes. Thank you.

The St. Louis plumbers of Roto-Rooter are trained licensed plumbing specialists that can fix all types of plumbing problems. We offer St. Louis plumbing assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us anytime at 314-968-3534 to speak with a representative or call our local number at

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