Solving Water Pipe Noise Problems and More

Solving Water Pipe Noise Problems and More

Did you know that in Honolulu water pipe noise keeps babies and adults awake just as it does in New York City or Boise, Idaho? Uneven pressure in the pipes will sometimes cause them to rattle or bang. You may even think that someone is hitting the pipes with a mallet! No doubt, there have been times in the history of humankind where a person was wrenched from his or her sleep by this sound, which caused him or her to stumble and stomp around the house like a raging beast, searching for the cause of the annoyance. It is possible his or her problems were compounded by accidentally stubbing his or her toe on the kitchen table leg, too!

These crises that take place in the middle of the night can be solved by simply calling your local Roto-Rooter service center. Our plumbing professionals will respond to your problem whether it is in the middle of the night or high noon. Our trucks are stocked full of fixtures, parts, and equipment so we come ready to repair any worn-out or broken plumbing fixtures.



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