Sewer Service in Tucson

Sewer Service in Tucson

Residential and commercial sewers may not be the most pleasant subject but at some point almost every sewer experiences a clog or problem that requires professional attention. Depending upon the material your sewer is made of, it may experience a clog caused exclusively by waste or, in the case of clay tile or concrete pipes, the sewer may experience substantial root intrusion from nearby trees or bushes. Once roots enter a sewer pipe, usually at a loose joint, the roots proliferate inside the pipe and feed on the water and natural fertilizer inside. Your trees may thrive as a result but your sewer will soon become clogged.

Tiny feeder roots spread out in the sewer pipe like a net and they eventually begin catching toilet paper and waste that gradually builds into a clog that will cause the sewer to back up at worst and cause slow household drains at the very least.

It is important to see that the sewer is properly maintained to prevent serious issues from arising. When the Roto-Rooter technician arrives, he will ask some questions, learn about the symptoms the property has experienced then he will attack the sewer clog with a Roto-Rooter machine, which is an electric machine with a reel of stiff cable with a sharp spring-loaded blade on the end. The machine will make its way through a sewer pipe and cut away the roots and whatever else is blocking the pipe. It may require some time and work but in most cases the Roto-Rooter man will restore flow to the sewer and have it draining normally in no time.

For commercial sewer clogs, Roto-Rooter may opt for the cable machine but more serious clogs require a high-pressure water jetting treatment, commonly referred to as “jetting.” Using high-powered pumps and high-pressure hoses equipped with special directional nozzles on the end, Roto-Rooter can make ordinary water blast away any grease or grit clog and clean the pipes right down to the wall. In the end, the pipe will be as clean as the day it was installed.

The next time you schedule an inspection with us, make sure to have the technician takes a close look at your sewer system with a remote to ensure that it is working properly. To help you better understand your system, we have compiled this informational guide concerning drain cleaning service in Tucson.

Repair and Replacement

Sometimes sewer pipes just wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. Clay, concrete and cast iron are susceptible to shifting soil, cracks and even all out collapse over time. Sewers are designed to be a sealed system so when holes appear, waste can escape into surround soil causing water table contamination risk. And if waste can get out, soil, rocks and debris can get in and cause serious problems inside a sewer pipe. Fortunately, Roto-Rooter in Tucson is equipped to diagnose any sewer problem then, if necessary, make spot repairs or complete sewer line replacement.


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