Sewer Inspection: Know the Issues

Sewer Inspection: Know the Issues

Shopping for a new house can leave you with a lot on your mind. Anything to do with the plumbing system can be easily overlooked by a traditional home inspection. To make sure that you understand the condition of this system, schedule an inspection with a Roto-Rooter technician to take a closer look at things. Along with a plumbing inspection it may be worth your time to set up a sewer inspection as well.

Problems with Sewer Systems

Traditionally, sewer systems are expensive to repair and even costlier to replace.  If you are selling a house it is important to understand sewer issues so you can keep a sale very transparent and only attract buyers that will not blame you for issues after a sale in finalized.

One thing to note, however, is that even if you discover a serious issue with a property that was not detailed during the purchase, once it is finalized it becomes your responsibility and not the seller's.

Tree roots are drawn towards moisture. Sewer lines are common targets for tree roots because not only is there plenty of moisture in the pipes, there is also plenty of nutrients from waste. The process of resolving this issue is costly because it involves the excavation and replacement of pipes and the killing and removal of roots.

Properties constructed during the 1930s usually have sewer lines made up of Orangeburg pipes, which are basically made tarpaper. If this kind of system is found on a property, it needs to be replaced because these pipes are brittle and guaranteed to cause you lots of headaches.

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