Roto-Rooter Will Fix Your Leaky Plumbing

Roto-Rooter Will Fix Your Leaky Plumbing

Do you have water spraying from a broken faucet? Is there a clog in the drain that is resisting all you efforts to dislodge it? Does your toilet back up and flood on a regular basis? Roto-Rooter has plumbing in Norristown, PA experts on call who have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to fix these pesky problems. We are available to come to your rescue twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, even on weekends and holidays. We can repair anything from a malfunctioning water heater to a leaky faucet or broken pipe quickly and professionally.

Have you ever been kept awake all night by the sound of water dripping from the tap? This is annoying and frustrating to say the least. It is not a difficult fix. You may simply need to replace the washer in the faucet. Remember to turn the water off under the sink before you begin. Usually an oblong silver knob shuts it off. If it is stuck, there may be corrosion present. You can loosen the knob by spraying it with a lubricant. If you get into the job and you find that you are in over your head, call Roto-rooter and we will send one of our plumbing in Norristown, PA technicians to fix it for you.

Learning some basic skills will save you a lot of money in home repairs. There are books in the library and tutorials on the Internet that give instructions on almost anything that may come up that needs fixing. By keeping your home well maintained, you are protecting your investment and building equity.

Leaking water should never be ignored. If you find a puddle in front of your refrigerator, you can count on water being under it and behind it as well. Water damage is expensive to fix, so act immediately when you find somewhere it isn’t supposed to be. Make sure that any mold is cleaned up immediately and if you happen to find black mold, get a professional in to take care of it properly.

Have your systems like your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater serviced regularly to keep them running smoothly and ensure their long life. If you lack the skills to maintain them yourself, make an appointment with a professional for a yearly checkup. You will pay less if you have defective parts replaced when they wear out rather than trying to limp along until your whole system needs replacing.


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