Roto Rooter St Paul Advice: Prevent Frozen Pipes

Roto Rooter St Paul Advice: Prevent Frozen Pipes

Every year when the temperature drops, a common problem affects many homes and businesses: frozen pipes in St Paul. When your pipes decide to freeze this year, what will you do? Most pipes will crack and in some cases completely shatter altogether leaving a very dangerous gap in your plumbing that can cause serious flooding and water damage. Since 1935, Roto Rooter has built a name for itself as the number one name in plumbing that people trust. With great service, products, and professionals available to everyone, we can help fix a problem when it happens and even help you plan ahead before serious damage ever happens.

Especially in extremely cold areas, preventing frozen pipes in St Paul is an important plan of action to have. If you leave for the winter or go on extended vacations during the coldest parts of the year, why no have your plumbing winterized? Just like blowing free your sprinkler system, you can also clear out the plumbing that goes to and from your home as well. If you decide to take this course of action, it is extremely important you make sure that the lines are completely clear or you will still come home to damaged pipes. The reason being is that it isn't the actual ice that breaks pipes. If you have ever had a pipe break like this, you will always find that the crack always appears a good distance away from where the actual ice formed. When stray water freezes, it creates a tight block and the water expands. The trapped air becomes compressed and the pressure then reeks havoc on the weakest part of your pipe.

If you plan on staying home during the winter and still want to take action, the best way to prevent freezing plumbing is insulation. Many times water lines running along the outer walls of a building are actually exposed to very cold temperatures that are cold enough to freeze water. Placing a buffer between these pipes and the wall will prevent pipe temperature from becoming affected by dropping temperatures outside so quickly. Insulation will actually prevent a pipe from freezing even if its temperature drops below freezing. Roto Rooter also provides great pipe insulating that wraps around the pipe like a winter coat and can add yet even more protection against the cold. In especially frigid climates, this will be a lifesaver. For more information on plumbing care and service, call Roto Rooter today!

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