Roto-Rooter Seattle plumbers offer septic system maintenance

Roto-Rooter Seattle plumbers offer septic system maintenance

Any Seattle plumber will assure you that septic systems can last a lifetime with the proper care.  Here are some maintenance tips below:

  • Keep trees and brush at least 100 feet away from the drain field to ensure proper flow and  functionality
  • Use a root destroyer product on a yearly basis to prevent roots from interfering  with your septic system
  • Get your septic tank pumped every two years to remove any buildup of grease and/ or other dense matter that could prevent the drain field from draining well

Other beneficial recommendations to lessen water usage would be to utilize low flow aerators in your faucets, low flow toilets, low flow shower heads and a water saver.  Using less water will most definitely have a positive impact on your septic system and will also help prolong its life.

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