Roto-Rooter Plumbing Solution: Inspections Services

Roto-Rooter Plumbing Solution: Inspections Services

Plumbing issues abound in older homes. Especially homes that still have the original plumbing materials, pipe failure, leaks, and other problems sneak up often and can leak you in a heap and scrambling to clean up a big mess. One of the best ways for homeowners of new and old houses alike to stay on top of their plumbing and prevent these types of problems is through an annual Roto-Rooter inspection for plumbing in Fresno. This service is excellent because it allows our technicians to get a close look at your layout and comprehensively pinpoint areas that need your attention. With that information available to you, you can make appropriate arrangements for services and repairs to be made as they are needed, not after the wall breaks.

One of the most common problem we run into during inspections of older homes is a slow leak that has formed somewhere along the many different waterlines that run throughout a house. As pipes age and wane under years of use, failure in the integrity of the plumbing causes pipes to seep water. This leaking water is then absorbed into the wood of the structure, making it hard for the normal person to even notice. What is worse than the water damage and warped wood is the perfect conditions this creates for mold growth. As mold starts to grow, spores release into the air and cause serious harm to everyone exposed. After a certain amount of time breathing mold, especially black mold, you will experience serious allergic reactions and possibly even death. With that kind of a risk at stake, it is a no brainer to schedule a full and comprehensive inspection of your plumbing with Roto-Rooter today to make sure that your family is not in harms way. Through our technicians, we can connect you with the appropriate services to make your living space as clean as possible.

During your next plumbing inspection, make sure to have your technician check out all of your plumbing fixtures, such as your water heater, softener and disposal. Water heaters especially need regular attention because they are in use 24/7. With some cleaning, repair, and maintenance, a Roto-Rooter tune-up will boost the performance of the unit and even add years of functionality as well.

For more information about plumbing in Fresno, give Roto-Rooter a call to speak with a friendly representative about setting up your own inspection with a technician today!

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