Roto-Rooter Offers St Paul Water Heater Information: Tank-less Work

Roto-Rooter Offers St Paul Water Heater Information: Tank-less Work

We all love a hot shower. One of the joys of waking up early is the relaxing time in a hot shower or bath. That moment when the cold water hits you is a terrible one. Collapsing to the shower floor and feeling the relentless burn of the icy water can be more brutal than medieval torture. If you are in the need of water heater repair in St Paul, say no more. Roto-Rooter is on call and waiting to service. Whether you buy a replacement with us or another business, we will install the system as soon as you call and get your hot water back on line.

Traditional Water Heaters

They use lots of energy to heat the extra large tank of water. The water needs to be kept warm all day so that the moment water is needed, warm goodness will be there to greet you. Also, these big tanks seem to break down every so often and on average only last about 11 years, 13 years at the most. Hard water over the course of time wreaks havoc on a water heater and can wear down your system, shaving away years of life quickly. After a decade, and with a price tag of a few thousands dollars, it can hit your wallet hard when you least expect it to.

Tank-less Work

 If you could lower your monthly energy costs and save a few hundred dollars every year, would you do it? Believe it or not, but your water heater isn't doing you any favors. New tank-less water heaters make hot water on-demand and boost energy efficiency seven-fold. Since your water heater doesn't have to work all day keeping a giant bucket of water warm, it just switches on as water passes through and quickly zaps it hot. Another benefit of using this new technology is that it lasts much long, anywhere between 20-25 years if taken care of properly.

Safety First

 Much of the water heater repair in St Paul and other areas around the country is a result of serious water burns. Older water heaters have an extremely high max temperature. Make sure to set your max temperature is a reasonable level that will not burn your skin. If you have an older heater, call Roto-Rooter today to do a full inspection and make sure that your max temperature set on the device matches up with the actual temperature of the hot water is it making.

For more information, call Roto-Rooter today with your questions and concerns.

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