Roto-Rooter in Inglewood Answers Eight FAQ about Toilets

Roto-Rooter in Inglewood Answers Eight FAQ about Toilets

Because toilets are among the most commonly used plumbing devices in your home, they are prone to breaking and developing leaks. Roto-Rooter in Inglewood answers the following questions about toilet leaks and maintenance.

What are some signs that my toilet is leaking?

There are a few common signs you can look for that indicate leaky toilets, which include the following:

  • Water turns on and off intermittently during the day.
  • Water won't quit running in the toilet unless you jiggle the handle.
  • There are ripples of water in the toilet bowl.

Where are the most common leaks?

The most common leaks in a toilet are from the tank to the toilet bowl.

What causes a toilet to leak?

The most common cause for a leaky toilet is a flapper valve that isn't shutting and seating properly. Other problems include a float that gets stuck and doesn't operate properly, minerals that have built up and interfere with the mechanisms, or a loose chain that catches on the flushing assemblies.

How can I test for a leaky toilet?

Put a few drops of red, green, or blue food coloring in the toilet tank. About an hour later come back and check the toilet bowl. If the colored water has started to appear in the bowl you know you have problems with a leaky toilet.

How can I clean out minerals that have built up in the tank?

There are a couple of recommended ways that you can clean out minerals. First, take a soft rag and wipe down the parts. Second, mix vinegar in the tank and let it sit for a while before you flush it again.

What if I find water on the floor?

If water is leaking onto the floor you have a different problem. Generally the problem lies with the wax seal between the toilet and the pipes. To fix this problem you will need to lift the toilet and replace the wax seal.

How can I fix a leaky toilet?

There are many different types of parts involved in the flushing mechanism of a toilet. These parts are delicate and can easily break. Unless you have plumbing experience we recommend that you call Roto-Rooter to come and fix your toilet.

What is a dual flush toilet?

A dual flush toilet is one that allows you the ability to select how much water you use when you flush the toilet. If you are only flushing water and small amounts of toilet paper you can choose to use less water. When you are flushing waste and larger amounts of toilet paper, you can choose to use more water.



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