Roto-Rooter Helps Texas Homeowners affected by Water Damage

Roto-Rooter Helps Texas Homeowners affected by Water Damage

Texas’ feast or famine rainfall is back in the feast mode and Roto-Rooter is helping Homeowners Deal with Water Damage

By Paul Abrams

Roto-Rooter Water Restoration VanThe rain just won’t stop falling on Texas. Homes and businesses are sustaining damage from flooding throughout most of the state. However, deep in the heart of Texas around Austin, San Antonio and Houston, they seem to be getting the worst of it. When water rises and washes through structures, it leaves behind mud and debris plus soaked flooring, drywall and furniture. It’s a real nightmare! Water restoration companies are busy cleaning up the damage, working with insurance companies and trying to get homeowners back to normal. Many of them keep homeowners on long waiting lists. That means it could be days or weeks before homes and businesses get the help they so desperately need.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret, the local Roto-Rooter offices in Houston, San Antonio and Austin are fully certified water restoration experts! The fact is, that we mostly provide water restoration services to our plumbing customers who’ve experienced water line breaks or sewage backups but Roto-Rooter is fully capable of taking care of storm water damage too. The secret part is that most people don’t know Roto-Rooter offers these services so our wait times may be non-existent or at least much shorter than the best known water restoration companies. That means Roto-Rooter can get to the damage right away, remove water from the property, strip out soaked and damaged carpeting, drywall and furniture and begin drying out the structure before mold and mildew set in.

Roto-Rooter Man Water ExtractionRoto-Rooter uses all the same water extraction and drying equipment as the biggest restoration companies. In fact, we use the very latest state-of-the-art water restoration gear and our crews all hold IICRC certifications (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Roto-Rooter works directly with your insurance carrier and we’re available 24/7. One other thing that most homeowners don’t realize is that there’s no need to shop around for lower cost rates when it comes to water restoration services. Why? Every water restoration company works within insurance company claims parameters. That means the insurance companies set the rates they will pay for various types of damage and the water restoration companies are bound by those rates – so the cost is the same no matter which company does the work. Learn more about Water Damage Restoration Services and share the secret with your friends and neighbors.

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