Roto-Rooter Guide: Why A Sewer Inspection is Important

Roto-Rooter Guide: Why A Sewer Inspection is Important

There are a few things to check when buying a property. First, is it in the condition you would expect for the price? Have you verified that a home inspection has been performed within the last few months? Are current problems and issues with the property clearly outlined? After this point, most people feel comfortable moving forward with a purchase, even though there is still a very important step to take, a sewer inspection. The reality is most people never think to have this done. While plumbing may be just fine, a sewer system could be decades older and be on the brink of failure. If this is the case, you are looking at a large sum of money literally going down the drain.

Reasons for Checking Out the Sewer

Homes built during the 30's  that had sewer lines installed were made out of pipes known as Orangeburg. These pipes are extremely fragile and most need to be replaced as soon as possible. An inspection will reveal whether or not this is the case for a property you are considering.

Tree roots have a tendency to grow towards moisture. Sewer lines are perfect because not only do they have moisture in them, they also contain stray gunk and grime that has been left behind from past clogs and blockages. This allows roots to pick up extra nutrients. Unless they have been killed and cut back, roots will continue to grow towards and wrap around pipes.

Along with the possibility of old sewer system issues, houses that have had a new system installed can still have their fair share of issues. For example, before cities had sewer systems, many residents relied on systems known as cesspool to collect sewage waste. When public septic systems became available, many of these cesspools were left as they were. A property of interest may experience problems in the future because of the presence of this old system.

If you are looking at an older house, taking a look at the sewer may reveal that there is a completely new system in place. This would be a great selling point and could help you feel more comfortable about going through with the final sale.

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