Protecting Your Gainesville, Florida, Home

Protecting Your Gainesville, Florida, Home

Protecting Your Gainesville Florida Home

Part of being a homeowner includes making sure everything is in working order. Seasons change, and that can affect your house from top to bottom. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can protect your Gainesville, Florida, home. Here are some of them:

Keep an eye on your toilet

Our bathrooms are used every day, so if yours suddenly stopped working, it'd be a huge inconvenience for you and your family. The first step to taking care of your bathroom plumbing is knowing what should go in your toilet and what should not. There are many discrepancies around what can be flushed, but we're here to set the record straight. Don't put anything in your toilet other than waste and toilet paper. Your pipes are not strong enough to handle anything else. In addition, there are several items that not only back up your plumbing but can damage the environment. For example, things used to absorb liquid, like tampons, sanitary pads and cotton balls, will grow in size in your plumbing, blocking the pipe altogether. Pitch these in the trash. You may think flushing medicine is the safest way to get rid of it. However, these pills can eliminate helpful bacteria in sewage and harm wildlife. It's best to put them in the garbage instead.

Even though you might know what is flushable, it doesn't mean everyone else does. If you have large gatherings often, it might be in your best interest to hang a sign in your bathroom. That way, everyone will be informed, and it may ease your mind.

Protect your pipes

Although the winters in Florida might not be too harsh, that doesn't mean you shouldn't make the necessary changes to protect your home. The most important step? Insulating your pipes. Head to your local hardware store to pick up some insulation material (that pink fabric found in unfinished basements and attics). Next, cut the material and wrap it around your fixtures. That should provide your pipes with the warmth they need during colder temperatures.

Keep in mind, insulated pipes won't do you any good if your heating systems aren't working. So, survey your home to make sure furniture isn't blocking any of your air vents.

Don't ignore a problem

Oftentimes, homeowners think that issues in their home will just go away on their own. If you are experiencing a clogged toilet just about every day, odds are that the situation won't get any better without repairs. The same goes for a leaky faucet. Letting a faucet continue to drip water will not only increase your water bill, but it can provide the perfect environment for harmful mold to grow. If you see that something is wrong in your home, don't wait - either fix it yourself or a call a plumber.

In fact, if you have any issues, don't be afraid to give us a call over at Roto-Rooter. We'll send out one of our professional and experienced plumbers to tend to your home's needs.

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