We Value Our Customer Feedback. Now More Than Ever.

All of us have been effected in some way during the COVID-19 quarantine. Homeowners and businesses are adapting to rapid changes in every day life. During these tough times we value the feedback we receive from our customers more than ever. Roto-Rooter would like to thank all of you who continue to trust the plumbing and drain cleaning experts you've relied on for over 80 years. Here are some great examples of recent feedback we have received:

"At a moment when we were a bit overwhelmed by our flooded basement, three very kind young men came to our rescue. The first was so knowledgeable about water and quickly diagnosed and stopped the creek from entering our basement. He was very organized and set everything in motion for us. The cleanup crew quickly arrived and now we can relax. Everything was explained in detail and we were with no unanswered questions. Thank-you!"

"Had to have the roots removed from my sewer today. Audric arrived exactly on time and did an exceptional job. He is the most pleasant and knowledgeable young man. From the time I called until he was finished wasn’t much more than two hours. I was so pleased with the service that I will definitely call Roto-Rooter the next time I have problems!"
"I can not tell you how pleased I am with service today. Stan, the RR service tech, worked diligently to clear kitchen sink stoppage. The kitchen drain had probably been clogged for years. Not only was his service fantastic but he arrived before I did and completed the difficult job. I would hire him again-absolutely!!!"

"From the phone call to schedule the service to the end of the service call when Mike left, could have not asked for anything to make it better. Was concerned about someone coming Into my house because of Virus situation.. No pressure was applied to make my decision....told even after the technician arrived could change my mind... When Mike the tech came, explained about my reservations....he agreed and accommodated me staying 6 feet away, had on rubber gloves .... he solved my problem with professionalism and explained the warranty and said someone would come back to do a camera shot of line .....no camera on his truck.... Felt like a little expensive ...but being able to have issue taken care of immediately was worth it...."

"Michael was the plumber that came out to clean out our drains and he was amazing. He stayed until the work was 100% done and put his full effort into it. He was a very respectful, and just an all around nice guy to be around. We will now be going to Roto Rooter for all of our plumbing and water problems, thanks to Michael. And every time we call and make an appointment, we will definitely ask for him. He was amazing!"

"Very impressed with the gentleman that came to my home during this crisis. He was professional, and kept us both safe while providing an essential service."

"Marcus called before arriving as we were informed by your office. Upon arrival Marcus explained what service needed to be performed to repair or stopped up main sewer drain for the house. He trenched out the main line and powered thru 2 sets of tree roots and broke up the debris that clogged up our drain line. After the line was cleaned out, Marcus cleaned up the laundry room area floor and walls and presented us with the final bill. Also, I asked Marcus to provipe us with a camera scope of where the tree roots are located and charged us appropriately. We look forward to using Roto-rooter in the future if needed for our plumbing repairs."

"I really like the professional, friendliness, and integrity demonstrated by Arya from Roto-Rooter. He was very through solving my clogged drain getting to the “root” cause of the problem. He arrived on time and was very conscious of maintaining the cleanliness of my home wearing protective gear. Arya was very nice and professional. I would use them again for prevention and maintenance plumbing in the future."

"The response to my request for emergency service in the early A.M. was timely. Ultimately, three of your employee's arrived in quick succession and each performed their assessment of my plumbing problem in a professional manner . In order to resolve what I considered a "major" plumbing problem it was necessary to access drainage pipes beneath my home both from within my kitchen and front lawn. The preparation to protect my homes interior was impressive, and the clean-up following four and one half days of jack hammers and dirt moving was outstanding."

"We recently had an unexpected problem with our plumbing. We were so very please with the prompt and courteous service of Roto Rooter. We didn't discover the problem until mid-afternoon and by early evening, the problem was resolved. Thank you!"

"I called your service number on Sunday evening and spoke with Angela. She was extremely helpful and arranged an appointment for 0815 on Monday. Jerson Lopez, employee #6890, came to service the kitchen sink. Within an hour he had snaked the drain to 75' and had my sink fully operational. Mr. Lopez was extremely courteous and completely professional. He was meticulous in his work and left my space clean and ready to use. I would recommend Roto-Rooter to provide services to any of my friends."

"The gentleman that was the lead on the job was extremely accommodating and willing to go above and beyond to make the necessary repairs. He was excellent in communicating and offering options for further repairs."

"Your team solved our very serious sewer related issues in a very timely professional manner. They were particularly sensitive to my wish to avoid destruction of my 30 year gardening efforts when they worked on the outside problem. The job was extensive, required hard physical labor and the ability to diagnose and fix the problem. Since you quote a flat price with very little detail, the customer would be better served to understand many of the hidden costs incurred by the contractor which are included in the quote. Great team and great guarantee. Would highly recommend."

"I want to thank Roto-Rooter and Keith (the plumber) in particular for being so professional and helping me to solve some of my needs. I called Roto-Rooter to make an appointment for an estimate from 12pm-4pm. I had had an estimate done in December but due to financial issues, I couldn't get the work done until now. Unfortunately, the appointment was made with the previous plumber I had back in December but he was not working that day and there was a mix-up and NO ONE came. NO WORRIES! As soon as I contacted Roto-Rooter at 4:02pm and told them that no one had showed up and they informed me about the problem, they IMMEDIATELY dispatched another plumber (Keith) out to my house to do the work. Although I could not afford to get all of the services completed that he quoted, I WAS pleased to get the most serious issue fixed. This will help me to stop having such high water bills which is a very good thing not only because I am disabled on a fixed income but also because during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to ensure that my entire family and I and any guests are able to be as sanitary as possible to curtail known ways of contracting the virus. Although we had other methods of being sanitary (including washing down everything with bleach and washing our hands with alcohol and hand sanitizers), I really like the feeling of having hot water (not lukewarm) to keep things especially clean. Keith was personable, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and DID THE JOB!!! Both times he came to my home (1st for the estimate and again the next day for the actual job), he SHOWED UP and was ON-TIME!!! Unlike so many other plumbers and plumbing companies; you would NOT BELIEVE how many "plumbing professionals" are NOT professional enough to even show up for a scheduled appointment!! There's something to be said with showing up to work, being on time and WORKING!!! Although Keith seemed to be one of the "omg, millennials" that the nation believes is just a lazy bunch of you-know-whats, he REALLY showed me that his generation can be professional, hard-working and just all-around PLEASANT. This is the type of service that I like (and EXPECT) from anyone in a professional trade (or non-professional trade for that matter) and he DELIVERED!! HE is the reason why I will call Roto-Rooters again and ask specifically for Keith to have my other services completed when I receive the money I need to pay for them. WELL DONE ROTO-ROOTER!! AND KEITH!!!! Sincerely, Ms. Angela Harrell"

"Although I was completely horrified by the cost of the service, I was very pleased with Joe, the technician as well as the end result.. It was obvious that he was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing.The fact that he was able to make the repaair in the evening on short notice, in the midst of the corona virus hysteria was an absolute relief."

"From the time I called Roto-Rooter to the time our technician, Paul arrived the service was fast, polite and efficient. Paul took the time to describe his services and how he could best help us with our problem of a clogged toilet. First by removing our toilet, then using a snake and finding tree roots which were the culprit. Right now, we are getting a camera to scope out the problem even further to find out the complete situation. We got a $60.00 discount on our service call from an on-line coupon. All this and the corona virus, too! We are happy and grateful they were open for business as usual."


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