Plumbing Trends: Above-Counter Vessel Sinks

Plumbing Trends: Above-Counter Vessel Sinks

Any plumber in Boise has seen his or her fair share of trends. Over the years, the plumbing fixtures people choose to have installed in their homes change. Sometimes this change is driven by improvements in material and new capabilities, but other times the change is more about style. One example is above-counter vessel sinks. Rather than being fitted and recessed within a counter or vanity, vessel sinks sit on top. These sinks function in an identical fashion to other sinks, but their popularity has exploded for a few reasons.


Vessel sinks bring a certain style to a space. These sinks have a modern shape, but depending on the style of the individual sink, can also fit in well with traditional and elegant spaces. Vessel sinks are definitely eye-catchers, and can bring a bit of flair to a space that was once cold and drab. Styles change, but at least for now vessel sinks are “in”.


The price of vessel sinks is another factor in their popularity. These sinks were once only made and marketed for buyers of high-end products, but as the popularity has risen, the price has dropped. Today, vessel sink prices can be as low as 120 dollars, and don’t cost significantly more than their traditional alternatives. If you have a limited amount of money to improve the look of a space, a vessel sink can get you the most bang for your buck.


Installing a vessel sink is significantly easier than installing many other types of sinks because there is only a single drain hole that needs to be drilled in the countertop. Many home or apartment owners will turn to plumbers to professionally install the sink, but the installation is easy enough that even a novice can save a few bucks by doing a bit of reading, following instructions, and performing the install themselves. There’s always plenty of help online.

Timeless Trend?

There’s no telling whether the popularity of above-counter vessel sinks will fall off, stay the same, or continue to grow, but fortunately these sinks leave a small footprint. Once you cut out a hole for a recessed sink, you’ll have to replace the entire countertop if you want to switch to a vessel sink. Moving in the other direction is much easier, so if you have a bit of money and want to spruce up a bathroom or kitchen sink, there’s no harm in giving a vessel sink a try.

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