Plumbing Tips for Fall

Plumbing Tips for Fall

Fall has arrived and so have cooler temperatures, which reminds us that Winter is just around the corner. A few quick and easy preparations now, can prevent the need for pricey repairs throughout the upcoming winter. Our Denver Roto-Rooter plumbers are more than willing and able to assist you with any of these suggestions and can also help winterize your home.

• Make sure to disconnect outside water hoses- If connected they may freeze and cause faucets and connecting pipes to freeze or break within your home.

• Make sure all outside faucets are not leaking or dripping- Make necessary repairs or schedule service with a Roto-Rooter Denver plumber .

• Shut off exterior valves if your home is equipped to do so- You may also cover outside faucets using a faucet insulation kit.

• Make sure your water heater is functioning properly, as it works harder in the winter months.

• When leaving home in the cooler months, shut off your main water valve and drain system . Make sure the heat is left on and not set lower than 55 degrees.

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