Plumbing Resources for Homeowners: A Roto-Rooter Guide

Plumbing Resources for Homeowners: A Roto-Rooter Guide

For those who are new to the homeowners' club, there are a few initiation steps that you have to go through before really being a part of this elite group. First off, Saturday is all about home maintenance and repair. Just when you think you can mark your to-do list as complete, there will be 5 more chores pop up to add to it. With all of the responsibility that is suddenly on your shoulders, it can be a hard transition to make. One area in particular that is often forgotten about is the plumbing. This area, however, is crucial to the overall function of a property. To ensure that your system is in great condition, call Roto-Rooter to set up annual system inspections. During an inspection, a technician will come to your home and perform a system-wide sweep to uncover as much information about your plumbing as possible. After the inspection is complete, the technician will sit down with you and make suggestions about the course of action that should be taken for each area of concern. Having this service performed annually will ensure that you never run into plumbing issues that you weren't aware of and prepared for.

Slow Leaks and Mold
Oftentimes, when our technicians perform inspections, they find some kind of leak in a waterline in the wall or under the floor. While catching these problems early on can prevent water damage, even the smallest leaks have resulted in providing the perfect environment for mold and mildew to take hold. In the event that there is mold in your house, it is important to have it removed or remediated immediately. While not all Roto-Rooter service providers have this service available, the technician can help you arrange to have it done as soon as possible. Prolonged exposure to mold spores in the air is dangerous and can lead to lung problems that could eventually be fatal.

Drain Blockages
Keeping drains clean is an important part of maintaining a free-flowing drainage system. Using Roto-Rooter Drain Cleaner on a regular basis, for example, is a fantastic way to knock out clogs and blockages in their early stages. If, however, there are extremely difficult clogs that have taken hold in your plumbing, schedule a service visit with Roto-Rooter today. Our technicians use a tool known as a plumbing snake that reaches deep into systems and effectively pulls out everything that does not belong.

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