Plumbing Repair Water Cooler Talk

Plumbing Repair Water Cooler Talk

We all have those talks around the water cooler at work where we tell the worst and most funny stories about our work day and the same is true for Roto-Rooter plumbers to. They sometimes hang around the water cooler on break, but the water cooler in this case is the bright orange five gallon jug, and talk about the most interesting plumbing repair stories that they have had that day or during the week.

If you want to make sure that you are not part of the stories being told around the plumbers’ water cooler here are some tips:

  1. Keep your kids away from the toilet at all times except when they are using it for the intended purpose. Many of the stories that are told around the water cooler are about what toys and things they found in the process of unplugging clogged toilets. It is always a contest to see who has the largest, most outrageous toy or household object that was pulled out of a toilet. Your kids can and will make sure you make the water cooler talk list so you need to play defense on this and make sure that they are not sending anything down the toilet other than their own you-know-what and toilet paper. Of course, the better stories are when the object is obviously the mistake of an adult who should know better. To make it easy just be aware that you cannot send your tampons, pads or adult diapers down the toilet. The same is true for ear swabs, facial scrub pads and cotton balls. Don’t flush condoms either!
  2. Be careful about what you send down the garbage disposal. This is all on you as this rarely has anything to do with the kids unless their Hot Wheels cars made the jump from countertop to garbage disposal…and that has been known to happen. Potato peelings are not a good thing to send down the garbage disposal. When setting dishes in the sink you have to watch carefully that corn on the cob holders do not get down there or any utensils that are small enough to do go in.
  3. One last tip to make sure you’re not part of the plumbing repair stories being told at the water cooler. Do not call the plumbers out for dumb reasons, like there is no hot water after ten people have taken showers in the span of thirty minutes. Before calling a plumber, stop and think it through to make sure there is a legitimate reason to call them out. It is costly to call them out anyway and many companies may charge a minimal charge even for silly things if it takes up a plumber’s time and prevents him from being on another job across town.


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